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Happy Veterans Day!


"On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month."

Today, we are especially proud to recognize the Veterans of the Coffey County Sheriff's Office.   These individuals thought enough of our country to stand up and defend it.  Through their employment under the Coffey County Sheriff, they continue to serve and protect the residents of Coffey County in a similar manner.  We are beyond proud to honor their selfless acts of service. 

2023 Employed Veterans of the Coffey County Sheriff's Office

  • Coffey County Undersheriff Eric Smith- U.S Air Force, E-4 Sergeant/Senior Airman; Electro-Mechanical Technician on Minuteman ICBM; Desert Storm, Cold War Veteran 1988-1992
  • Sheriff Reserve Officer John Hudson- US Navy, EM1 DV (Electricians Mate 1st class, diver, Nuclear Engineering division)USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN 686, fast attack submarine, based in Charleston SC
  • Deputy Sam Frantz- U.S Army, Sergeant
  • Lake Patrol Bryan Sanders- U.S. Air Force, 28 Years- Senior Master Sergeant
  • Lake Patrol Lyle Combs- U.S. Marine Corps
  • Deputy Lance Link- U.S. Navy, E-6
  • Court Security Ed Taylor- U.S. Navy- E-6; Machinist Mate 1st Class; Submarine Service
  • Deputy Travis Palmer- U.S. Army- Specialist E-4

Veterans Day is both a day of historical significance and a day of celebration to honor the men and women who have served for their "patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good."   If you do not know the reason behind why we celebrate Veterans Day each year, then we encourage you to visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website for a detailed history behind this holiday: